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SpeciesWalnut, Black
Product TypeSpecialty Items
Price$255.00 each
Character DescriptionClear (no knots)
Widths availableup to 10 in.

Harvesting Story

These Mantles measure 3 3/4” thick, 10” wide and 8’3” long.

I have been a Lumberjacks regular for at least five years, and am always pleased with their service: calls are returned promptly, service is provided shortly after the contract is signed, the personnel are both knowledgeable and pleasant, and their work is excellent. Beyond that, I appreciate that the Lumberjacks are not merely a plug-and-play tree professionals. I've had some pretty quirky requests for trimming, which they have always graciously accommodated, and in one instance, where I didn't want to lose a tree that had been partially uprooted by a storm, they improvised an ingenious (and successful) solution by creating a prop out of a y-shaped branch. Count me in as a satisfied customer.

—Elizabeth S., Ann Arbor