Urban Lumber Sales


Lumber Sales are back--with a few improvements

Join us in October for a 2-Day Urban Lumber sale to kick off our new season. Wide selection of Urban lumber species and sizes. Also, check out our re-designed retail space! Open to the public. Cash Discount.  

In addition to great lumber, our new approach features a re-designed retail space and more sale dates.
After the October sale, we'll have recurring sales on the second Saturday of each month, starting in November. 

Monthly Winter Sales

Second Saturday of each month
Nov 11, 9am-4pm
Dec 9, 9-am-4pm
Jan 13, 9am-4pm
Feb 10, 9am-4pm
March 9, 9am-4pm
April 13, 9am-4pm


The Lumberjacks produce reclaimed wood slabs, live edge wood and hardwood lumber from trees that have been removed in our area. We have them milled, kiln-dried and planed into usable, furniture-grade lumber. Also called reclaimed wood, reclaimed lumber, live edge lumber and urban lumber, these uniquely local materials are saved from logs that would otherwise be cut up for firewood or dumped in the landfill. 

We use the wide variety of local tree species to make lumber. We regularly stock Oak, Maple, Cherry, Elm, Black Walnut, Hickory and other common species. But we also provide species that grow locally, but are not commonly milled in to lumber. For example, Boxelder, Mulberry, Tree O' Heaven, and Willow are generally considered low-value tree species, but make beautiful lumber. 

The variety of lumber we carry depends on the logs we are able to reclaim, so there's always something new to see.

We have recently expanded our offerings with large table-tops and natural edge shelves. In the near future, we will be milling solid cube-shaped end tables.

We don't have regular hours or appointments to buy lumber at this time, so be sure to sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page and watch for coming Lumber Sale dates. Hope to see you there!

Questions about lumber? Contact us.