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Mulch Descriptions

Chocolate Brown Mulch Colored mulch is made by adding water-based colorant for a deep, long-lasting color that contrasts nicely with summer plantings.

Hardwood Double-Grind Mulch A natural mulch, made from ground-up hardwood logs only--no Pine, Spruce or other softwood material. It's processed twice with water, then cooks down to a fine, fluffy brown product.

Single-Grind Mulch All natural, made from local trees, with only water added during the grinding process. Suitable for all landscaping projects. Economically priced.

Woodchips may also be available. Email us for pricing and availablility.

Local Mulch Delivery Information

Bulk Mulch delivery capacity: minimum 3 yds. --maximum 12 yds per load. Orders over 12 yds include additional delivery charge.

Easy online ordering near you. Select delivery day & time and enter dumping instructions at checkout. Use “right side” and “left side” as seen from the street. Please pick a dump spot clear of low hanging wires or tree branches. In order to raise the dump box, the truck needs clearance of 15 to 20'

It is usually best not to have the truck drive across the lawn to the dump spot—that may result in ruts in the lawn or the truck getting stuck.

We cannot dump so that we’re blocking the sidewalk or the street.

Customer need not be present for delivery.

Mulch Delivery Fees Are Based On Zip Code

Charge Zip Codes
$60 / truck 48103, 48130
$75 / truck 48104, 48105, 48108, 48118, 48176
$90 / truck 48160, 48197, 48198

Don't see your zip code? Call or email for price.