Landscape Mulch FAQs

How soon will my mulch be delivered?

Typically within a few days, depending on how busy we are. If you have a day/time preference, please note that in the Delivery Instructions box when ordering.

How will I be notified?
You’ll receive a confirming email after you complete your order online.  After you order, we’ll contact you to confirm a delivery date, and then the delivery driver will text about 30-60 minutes before delivery.

Where should I have my mulch dumped?
Driveways are the most common dump spot. Be sure there are no low-hanging branches, as the dump truck will raise up to dump the load.
Use “right side” and “left side” as seen from the street.
It is usually best not to have the truck drive across the lawn to the dump spot—that may result in ruts in the lawn or the truck getting stuck.
We cannot dump so that we’re blocking the sidewalk or the street.

How much mulch do I need?
One yard of mulch will cover an area roughly the size of a parking space (or 10' x 10')  to the recommended depth of 3 inches.
There are handy online mulch calculators you can use, like this one:

Can I share a load with my neighbor?
Yes, but we do charge a $25 split delivery charge for each additional address (must be nearby).
We can’t guarantee that a certain amount of mulch will be dropped in each spot—using a dump truck is not a reliable way to measure mulch and we can’t be sure how much mulch gets dumped when the box goes up.

Do I need to put down a tarp?
Some people do this, but it is not necessary. If it rains, the Chocolate Brown mulch colorant may run and temporarily darken concrete.

Can the mulch sit outside uncovered? Yes. It sits uncovered in our yard before we deliver it.