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A Professional Tree Service Working Year-round in Ann Arbor & the Surrounding Area

We are a licensed and insured, complete tree service company. The Lumberjacks provides tree trimming and tree removal services in Ann Arbor and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Lumberjacks delivers landscape mulch made from trees we’ve serviced locally. Specialized lumber products are available for sale. Contact 734 663-0808 in Ann Arbor or 734 487-1908 in Ypsilanti, MI.

Tree Trimming & Removal for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI

Tree Trimming & Removal for Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI

We have I.S.A. certified arborists on staff and provide tree work throughout Washtenaw county. We are one of the founding partners of, and are committed to recycling urban trees into lumber, slabs and other wood products. We also recycle all of our wood chips, turning them into natural and colored landscape mulch. We can handle all of your tree work, and also make smart use of our local resources. Go to the Landscape Mulch page to order. 

We offer a variety of services for home and business, including tree pruning, tree removal, emergency storm work, stump grinding and lot clearing.

We are a proud partner with the Urbanwood Project salvaging urban logs to create many species of lumber and Natural Edge Slabs. We also now offer colored landscape mulch, made from recycled wood chips.

Tree Trimming Professionals with a Personal Touch

We’re fully insured, certified and well-equipped. Yet we’re not a large company, so many people know us by name. People love us. No kidding!

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About Our Mulch

Our landscape mulch is made from recycled wood and wood chips generated locally from our tree removal service. Our landscape mulch made from trees has a finer, softer texture than when made with scrap pallets. Stop by and see our mulch products before buying.

Double-Grind Mulch takes about a year to make. Over the course of several months, it gets processed twice with water, then "cooks" down to a fine, fluffy dark brown product

On Sale Until Sold Out: Single-Grind Mulch is all natural, with only water added during the grinding process. It's lighter in color and coarser than Double-Grind and a good choice for larger mulching jobs.

SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON: Chocolate Brown Mulch is made by adding water-based colorant for a rich, deep color that contrasts nicely with summer plantings.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) says, “Mulching is one of the most beneficial acts a homeowner can do for the health of a tree”.

1) Helps reduce soil moisture loss through evaporation

2) Helps to limit weed germination and growth

3) Mulch protects roots from extreme heat in summer and cold/frost in winter

4) It can improve soil biology, structure and aeration over time

5) It can help limit certain plant diseases

6) A bed of mulch around trees and plants makes your yard look beautiful, and helps prevent damage from overzealous ‘weed wackers’