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Mulch Delivery ends Ocotber 31st.

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Landscape Mulch FAQs

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About Our Mulch

Chocolate Brown Mulch is made by adding water-based colorant for a rich, deep color that contrasts nicely with summer plantings.

Double-Grind Mulch takes about a year to make. Over the course of several months, it gets processed twice with water, then "cooks" down to a fine, fluffy dark brown product.

Single-Grind Mulch is all natural, with only water added during the grinding process. It's lighter in color and coarser than Double-Grind and a good choice for larger mulching jobs.

Mulch Delivery Information

We are now delivering Single-Grind, Double-Grind and Chocolate Brown mulch.

Your pre-paid mulch order will be delivered in 1-2 business days. Please pick a location for us to dump the mulch that is clear of low hanging wires or tree branches. In order to raise the dump box, our trucks need clearance for 15 to 20′ above dump spot.

Mulch Delivery Fees Are Based On Zip Code

Our trucks hold 12 yards of mulch. Each full or partial truck load of mulch has a delivery charge. There is a 3 yard minimum.

Charge Zip Codes
$60 / truck 48103, 48130
$70 / truck 48104, 48105, 48108, 48118, 48176
$80 / truck 48160, 48197, 48198

Don't see your zip code? Call for price.